Brook Green Artists, 1890-1940

In the first half of the twentieth century there were several artists working in or near Brook Green in Hammersmith, and an exhibition to show some of their work is to be held in Hammersmith Library from 3 – 6 July 2013. Much of the information behind the mounting of this exhibition has come from the Hammersmith and Fulham archives.

Brook Green Artists 1890-1940 - exhibition flyer

Leon Underwood was a most versatile artist, and he ran the Brook Green School of Art, teaching Henry Moore among others. He was a painter and printmaker in many media, but at heart a sculptor, and had his own furnace for casting bronze. He drew inspiration from his travels in places such as Mexico and West Africa. His works featured in the exhibition are from the prestigious collection of local painters held at the Archives.

The Silver Studios produced designs for all kinds of household goods, carpets, fabrics, wallpaper, cards, vases etc. and sold them to many manufacturers, including Liberty’s.

Cyril Power and Sybil Andrews produced a dazzling series of linocuts, bold and inventive, many inspired by transport and sports, some with Hammersmith connections.

You can see works by all these artists at the exhibition – don’t miss it!

[Gilia, Archives & Local Studies volunteer]

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