Modern Publicity – cigarettes and alcohol

Debby Wale, one of our Triborough Reference Librarians has been looking through our reference store at Fulham Library and she’s found some interesting adverts.

Greys cigarettes advert

Greys cigarettes advert

This advertisement is from Modern Publicity 1937-38Modern Publicity was an annual publication that ran from 1930 to 1984  (it was renamed the World Advertising Review in the 1980s). It was published by The Studio group and covered posters, printed material, packaging and trade marks from around the world.

These annuals belong to the reference library at Fulham Library. Most of these are not on our computer catalogue, so to help staff find them if you want to have a look for yourself, tell them it’s in the basement on the far wall at 741.605 MOD – they’re certainly worth a look!

I felt as if my children were slipping away from me…

‘Oh, children, you’re surely not going out? Why, I’ve just put out the cocktails and cigarettes!
‘Sorry, Mater, but we promised to go round to the Blenkinsops’
 ‘Phil and Gwen never stay at home now. What’s wrong with us?’
‘Frankly I’m both puzzled and worried. Why not consult Aunt Lydia?’

Next day

‘My dear it’s all a question of what cigarettes you give them. What they’re suffering from is smoke-dyspepsia. Give them Greys and it will all be different.’

A few days later

‘Oh Mum, it’s lovely having a quiet cocktail at home with GREYS!’
‘These topping Greys are the making of  your cocktail parties, Mrs Schofield!’

 And what about you?

Are you, like Mrs Schofield in danger of losing touch with your children? The best of parents are apt to forget that children need to be coaxed into taking their cocktails. For this purpose there is nothing to equal Greys. These specially prepared cigarettes are invaluable for preventing smoke-d. And if you don’t believe this – well, what on earth will you believe?

In the immortal words of Victor Meldrew… I don’t believe it! Advertising standards certainly have improved since 1937.

 My favourite ad of all time…

Smirnoff Vodka advert

Smirnoff Vodka advert

This amazing advert is in the volume published in 1983.

‘I was the mainstay of the Public Library until I discovered Smirnoff ’


Debby Wale

Debby Wale

Debby Wale, Triborough Reference Librarian

Fulham Library

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One Response to Modern Publicity – cigarettes and alcohol

  1. Earley Kathleen says:

    Oh, I say, this is ripping stuff!

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