Preparing for the Hammersmith Library Refurbishment – Part 1

Before any work could begin on the refurbishment of Hammersmith Library we were informed that there would need to be “intrusive investigations into the structure”.

These investigations would check the load-bearing of beams, see if cracks in plaster meant underlying cracks in brickwork and ensure the foundations were strong enough to support any building works undertaken.

Hammersmith Library building works

Hammersmith Library building works

A deep hole was dug adjacent to the library’s outside wall to check the foundations.  Unfortunately it was filled in before we got a picture!  We were told the foundations are solid, which is quite a relief.

Hammersmith Corner Roof

The underlying structure of the beams above our customer service desk were checked to see which way the beams run. Nearby the wall was revealed behind the plaster to check the area where the lift will be installed.

HLL Roof 2

We have probably all had cracks appear at home and Hammersmith Library also has a few.  Cracks above the entrance to the children’s library when revealed showed that the underlying brick was in reasonable shape.

HLL Roof 3

 The other side of the wall revealed some cracking but nothing too serious.

HLL Wall 1

 There’s a lot of work to be done and staff have been very busy.  It’s been like moving house but with a few added books!  Part 2 of this blog will look at our move from Hammersmith Library and the opening of Hammersmith Temporary Library at 181 King Street.  The temporary library opens on 7 October and all are welcome!


Hammersmith Temporary Library

Hammersmith Temporary Library

Hammersmith Temporary Library

Nick Baker, Systems Librarian

Nick Baker, Systems Librarian

by Nick Baker, Systems Librarian

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