The Blackhouse by Peter May

A writer for Spear’s,  a luxury lifestyle magazine, approached our Stock Team about  an article she was writing for the web on the best books of the past decade. She wanted one of the Team to recommend a book and write about it.

The recommendation had to  include the following information:

  • The chosen book should have been published no earlier than 2003.
  • Though there wasn’t a strict word count, a minimum of around 100-150 words was set.
  • Why you have chosen to recommend the book.
  • Why it stands out for you.
  • Where you were when you read it.
  • How you felt when you were reading it and afterwards.

Our trusty Elin picked up the baton and the book she chose was Blackhouse by Peter May.

Black House by Peter May

Blackhouse by Peter May

I recommend “The Blackhouse” by Peter May as it is a gripping murder mystery and an easy read.

It is a very well-written story, and a true page-turner. I’ve always enjoyed a good thriller with a twist to the tale and this book certainly met my expectations.  The author sets the scene in Stornoway and paints a very vivid picture of life on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. This book could easily be made into a film.

As a Librarian, it was a book I recommended when facilitating a reading group for business people in Hammersmith held in a local pub. I read the book very quickly sharing chapters between the comfort of my London home and the First Great Western train journeys to South Wales when visiting my mother. Once I’d finished the Blackhouse I wished for more as is the case with all good books –  my wish has been granted as this book thankfully now forms part of a trilogy called The Lewis Man Trilogy. I also now have the urge to go and visit the Outer Hebrides!

The full article can be found here:

Elinn Jones, Tri-borough Stock Librarian

Elinn Jones, Tri-borough Stock Librarian

by Elin Jones, Stock Librarian

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