Celebrating 50 years of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Askew Road Library

We held two competitions at Askew Road Library between 11 – 30 April to help celebrate 50 years since Charlie & The Chocolate Factory was first published.

The First competition involved finding the five golden tickets hidden in the library…

Each ticket had the name of one of the five children in the book who found a golden ticket, and the competition entrants needed to write on entry forms the correct order tickets were found.

Winning entry forms

The 3 winning ticket entry forms and the Roald Dahl books for competition winners.


The Second competition involved designing the wrapper and writing the  ingredients for a fabulous chocolate bar.


Entries for the Chocolate Bar Competition are displayed in the Children’s library.

There were some very creative ingredients listed by children, including Never Melting Chocolate, Popping Candy, Jellybeans, Creme Eggs, Haribos, bubblegum, Sugar Puffs, popcorn, carrots, bananas, apples and even sausages!

Winning entries

Winning entries

Winners were chosen at random after the competition concluded with the first prize winner receiving three Roald Dahl books each and the second and third place winners receiving one book each.

Some of the winners can be seen below. All together there were 30 entries for the Chocolate Bar Competition and 37 for the Golden Ticket competition.


Well done to everyone who took part!


Zedh Foley
Customer Service Manager, Askew Road Library

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