“You are certain to find 5 books you like if not more”- the nicest letter ever!

We just had to share our fan mail with you…this is from a young reader and happy bookworm!

Dear Shepherd’s Bush Library,

My mum and I have been coming to this library since it opened and hopefully we will carry on coming here. This library means a lot to me as I visit it very often. Sometimes I go to borrow DVDs and sometimes audio-books and of course most of the time BOOKS!!! I remember when I was little we went to the library and went absolutely crazy with the books and borrowed 10! Now I’m much older I take it easy and have started using the computers. These are some of the reasons I love the library:

  • The librarians are really nice and they can usually answer all your questions
  • As well as books they have audio-books, newspapers, DVDs, magazines and computers
  • They have really comfy seats so you feel comfortable whilst you read
  • You are certain to find at least 5 books you like if not more
  • Most of the books I take out are not damaged which shows they are well treated

So thank you everyone for making Shepherd’s Bush Library so special!!!

From Jasmine a very grateful bookworm (aged 9)

That’s our pleasure Jasmine!

Do you think your library is special? Write to us and let us know!

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