Update! Hammersmith Library Refurbishment

Mandy Charles

Mandy Charles

Mandy Charles, Customer Service Manager, writes:

Read all about it…

Read all about it…

I wanted to share with you the exciting developments happening at the library as many customers have made enquiries about the progress of the works…Hammersmith Library’s Extreme Makeover… shall we have a look through the keyhole?

Through the keyhole...

Through the keyhole…

As you enter the library you will be captivated by the recently cleaned and painted false glass ceiling which provides an attractive centre point to the main library and reception area.

This £2.7million refurbishment will see the installation of a lift which will provide access to the second floor. With the addition of Wi-Fi, these new features will bring building into the 21st century and meeting the needs and requirements of all library users.

The old newspaper reading area has been opened up making maximum use of the light and space. The changes made highlight the beauty of the original stain glass windows.
The area will soon be repainted with new flooring and furnishing added to complement the existing features and light airy surroundings.

Original stained glass windows

Original stained glass windows

Another exciting feature is the re-opening of one of the original arches leading into the children’s library. This will enhance the appearance of the ground floor by making it an attractive open plan area with the use of clear screened doors. This will enable events and activities to take place without detracting from the normal use of the main library space.

Archway to children's library

Archway to children’s library

On the first floor work is underway to transform the old reference library into a beautiful setting for the Archives service which will be housed here when the library reopens.
Original features such as the beautiful stained glass windows and high glass ceilings have received a facelift, freshly painted and cleaned making the area feel light and airy.

Light & airy surroundings

Light & airy surroundings

In consultation with National Heritage the former Library Administration area has been carefully refurbished. Original features such as the Coat of Arms and fireplace can be seen in this picture. This creates a large room which can be used for multiple purposes, such as for meetings, events or activities.

Coat of arms & fireplace

Coat of arms & fireplace

We have lots of events and activities planned to celebrate the re-opening of this beautiful Carnegie Library which is being restored to its former glory so keep checking the website for updates…

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