What’s cooking at Askew Rd Library?

Chatterbooks has restarted at Askew Road library following a Summer Break.

Our groups being Star Reviewers were presented with proof copies of two book titles to read during the summer with the children’s reviews being returned to The Reading Agency to forward on to the publishers and then to the authors.

One of these books, “The baking Life of Amelie Day”, by Vanessa Curtis, prompted some Chatterbooks members to bake during the summer and they e-mailed the library with some pictures…


Chatterbooks Member making “Totally Moreish Cheese Straws”


This is the third batch, one for teachers, one for grandparents and the other to eat at home!

Let's get baking

Let’s get baking

Putting in the ingredients

Putting in the ingredients

diving the mixture up.

diving the mixture up.

Cupcakes, yum!

Cupcakes, yum!

During our September meetings, the children decorated some cupcakes that were made using a recipe in the book.


Making the Sugar Paste


Not too much water


Rolling out Heart shape decorations.


Adding the Finishing touches

20140920_112332 20140920_111729 20140920_112205 20140920_112218 20140920_112628 20140920_112721 20140920_112823 20140920_112859


I managed to take this picture of two cupcakes before they were eaten.


We are looking forward to celebrating our Chatterbooks 1st Anniversary and the first Chatterbooks Week (11th-18th October 2014) with an author visit to Askew Road Library by Catherine Wilkins on Saturday 18th October 10.45am-12. This is a free event open to all children aged 7 and up!


Come and meet Author Catherine Wilkins at Askew Road Library

For more information about Chatterbooks and Chatterbooks Week, visit the Reading Agency;  for information regarding your nearest reading group, visit our Reading Group pages; for more information on other events for Children in libraries in the borough visit our children’s events pages.

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