Stuff it

Stuffocation, by James WallmanTo celebrate World Book Night we were lucky enough to host a visit from James Wallman, local author of the book Stuffocation: Living more with less. His book deals with very topical issues that affect us all today. The author argues that happiness comes not from possessions but from shared experiences. I am pleased to say that more than 40 people came to meet James and listen to his talk. This book is proving to be a popular one that everyone is talking about!

I look forward to hosting more events like this one that really engage many readers from the locality and justify our role as a library at the heart of the community.

James Wallman, author of Stuffocation, at Hammersmith Library for World Book Night 2015

Isabel Torres, Customer Services Assistant at Hammersmith Library
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thiswas a fascinating talk by a lively and engaging young author and the questions asked by the very varied audience afterwards showed how strongly people felt about the issues raised. Well done Izzy!

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