Round-up of June events in libraries

June has been a busy month in libraries, with the popular HF ArtsFest and National BookStart Week occupying the same slot in our events calendar. Between 8 -14 June, we welcomed hundreds of residents, young and old, through our doors to take part in a multitude of events and activities: from themed storytellings, opera recitals and theatrical adaptations to poetry recitals and author events.

Below are some pictures and details of the events:

Pop-Up Photo Exhibition with the National Army Museum, Hammersmith Library.

A surprising and diverse range of soldiers from all over the Empire, Commonwealth and Dominions contributed significantly to the British First World War effort throughout the War, and all over the world.The National Army Museum’s First World War centenary programme in 2015 focuses on this vital and important contribution the Empire, Commonwealth and Dominions made to the war effort. In a modern-day context discovering the multi-culturalism and diversity of the armed forces that came together to overcome a shared enemy in the First World War, has never been more resonant or relevant.National Army Museum has researched their archive and brought together for the first time images of the Commonwealth, Empire and Dominion troops never before publicly displayed.
Several classes from Flora Gardens Primary School, over 100 children in all, enjoyed hearing about these Soldiers lives in WW1 from around the World. Students even got to dress up in part of the Soldiers kit and all got to handle a decommissioned weapon from that time. Some very interesting questions asked from the students demonstrating their keen interest in this period of history.

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Fulham Library hosts theatreical retelling of the children’s classic, The Secret Garden, with Cat & Hutch Children’s Theatre Company

National Bookstart Week

And finally, local author S J I Holliday visited Hammersmith library to discuss her debut novel Black Wood:

Book cover for SJI Novel 'Black Wood'

You can borrow SJI Holliday’s debut novel from the library

[Ann Cooper, Area Manager]

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