A Record-breaking round-up!

Hammersmith and Fulham libraries have been busy breaking all sorts of records this summer – from attempting to recreate the tallest man at Fulham Library to making giant bugs at Hammersmith library. It’s all part of our exciting Summer Reading Challenge programme, Record Breakers. It’s not too late for young people to join the challenge and take part. You can find out more here.

Art Attack! at Hammersmith Library

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Around 20 children attended a very creative Summer Reading Challenge Art session at Hammersmith Children’s library. Above are some of the colourful results of their efforts.

Tallest Man craft at Fulham library

Did you know the world’s tallest man is 8 foot and 3 inches tall? The children at Fulham library had a fantastic time creating our very own tallest man, in his casual clothes, as part of the Summer Reading Challenge.

Full size rendering of the world's tallest man, alongside a young child

The world’s tallest man, dressed in smart casual, measured against one of our young crafters.

Record Breakers’ Craft at Shepherds Bush Library

The children at Shepherds Bush Library have been busy over the last few weeks creating giant whales, hummingbirds, life-size images of themselves and solar systems as part of the Summer Reading Challenge 2015. Come along and join in the fun as next we make miniature Ferris Wheels…

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Giant Bug Attack at Hammersmith Library

On Thursday, Hammersmith Children’s Library faced an invasion – of giant bugs! Around 50 children and adults came along to the Giant Bug Attack craft session and created their own enormous insects. These included beetles, ladybirds and rather friendly looking Spiders! Special thanks to our team of Summer Reading Challenge volunteers who were kept very busy providing paints, glue, and huge amounts of insect legs.

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As you can see, there’s lots going on – pop into your local library this summer and join the record-breaking fun!

David, Mandy and Julie

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