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Homework Help for Mums and DadsMany “centuries ago,” when as a parent of primary school sons, my heart would sink with a request for help with homework even if they asked several days before the deadline. Given time to research the relevant information this would often involve library visits only to discover others quicker than us had borrowed every copy of books relating to the homework topic. There was also the practical problem of timetabling a visit to the library before the completed homework needed to be returned.

This as you might deduct occurred in pre internet days. So what can Hammersmith & Fulham Libraries offer in these internet days to support and encourage pupils with their homework beyond maintaining a stock of multiple print copies on such topics as history and science subjects?

Currently Fulham, Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush libraries run weekly term time homework clubs for primary school pupils and their parents or carers offering practical assistance on a number of subjects. Sessions details can be found within the list of children and young people event and activities web pages and remember libraries also provide quite study space for anyone to use.

Library homework help is not confined to opening hours. Make use of your library membership to access the 24/7 reference resources, especially relevant are the junior and student versions of Encyclopaedia Britannica, UKNewsstand (an useful archive of British newspapers going back several months from the current issue) and also the reference package from the Oxford University Press. This includes English and foreign language dictionaries and also a large searchable database from a number of this publisher’s subject encyclopaedias and dictionaries.

If this seems all too earnest, why not return to the Encyclopaedia Britannica’s for their online quizzes. This is a fun way to test your knowledge from a choice of quiz subject



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  1. Francis Serejenat says:

    A correction to the the newspaper resource listed in blog. The new subscription will be with another provider NewsBank. The new searchable resource is Access World News (9000+) sources. This is in the process of being set up for Hammersmith and Fulham Librart users.

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