Hammersmith Library has been celebrating the fictional world of cops and robbers, in particular those TV shows and movies filmed in the borough, as part of this year’s Cityread London.

Local production company Euston Films had their headquarters in Hammersmith Road: from here they gained a reputation for gritty drama in the 1970s and 80s. Famous shows such as The Sweeney and Minder were filmed on many locations in Hammersmith, Fulham and Shepherds Bush.

Car chase scene from The Sweeney

Car chase scene from The Sweeney (image from


The iconic opening titles for The Sweeney were filmed in Colet Cardens; while Arthur Daley’s famous car lot was located off Blythe Road.

Sweeney opening credits, Colet Gardens, Hammersmith

Sweeney opening credits, Colet Gardens, Hammersmith (image from

Handshake (2)

Arthur Daley’s car lot, Blythe Road, Hammersmith (image from


Another TV favourite, The Professionals, often used locations such as Brook Green and King Street.
Professionals (2)

The Professionals in Brook Green, Hammersmith (image from

Dixon of Dock Green, Z Cars and Softly Softly were filmed at the Lime Grove studios in Shepherds Bush. A few decades before, a young director called Alfred Hitchcock made some of his earlier films here. These included The Man Who Knew Too Much; The 39 Steps; Secret Agent; and Sabotage.
Hammersmith Bridge is featured in various movies such as Repulsion; Night and the City; and the horror comedy Theatre of Blood. The Lyric Theatre appeared in Theatre of Death starring Christopher Lee. Meanwhile at the other end of the borough, Bishops Park and All Saints Church, Fulham appeared in horror blockbuster The Omen.
repulsion07A (2)

Catherine Deneuve crossing Hammersmith Bridge in the film Repulsion (image from

More recently, Sweeney and Minder star Dennis Waterman returned to his old stomping ground for the police drama New Tricks, and he and the rest of the cast could often be spotted filming in Hammersmith Town Hall and on location in the borough.
David Harland
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