Hammersmith and the Chelsea Flower Show

Hammersmith & Fulham are justifiably proud of their parks and open spaces and it has been so for many years.  The Archives has this photograph of the staff who looked after them in 1905:

1 Parks dept 1905

It may seem odd to feature the Chelsea Flower Show in a blog about Hammersmith & Fulham but the Parks Department exhibited there regularly.  I was searching for a lost document a few months ago and came across some beautiful albums containing photographs of the Chelsea displays as well as those at other shows organised by the Royal Horticultural Society.

The Borough was particularly successful in the 1970s when they won three gold medals in successive years.  Here are some of their winning exhibits:

Ian Bates, the then Horticultural Projects officer, proudly showed off the medals:

5 Horticultural Projects officer

And the Council appreciated their success too as was mentioned in the Minutes:

6 Council minutes

by Fiona Fowler,
Volunteer, Hammersmith & Fulham Local History and Archives

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One Response to Hammersmith and the Chelsea Flower Show

  1. M Donelan says:

    Very nice – you are so good at this Maya

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