Hammersmith Library meets ZOOLAB!

On a sunny afternoon in Hammersmith Library last week our younger customers and some older ones too – including members of staff – encountered the world of William the Cockroach on a mission to save the world!

Lilian Anaronni, from Zoolab, embarked on a fabulous storytelling session which enraptured all who attended. Here is William’s story…

William, the cockroach, at the grand old age of eight, decided enough was enough with the human world destroying all the world’s fantastic habitats. He set out on a mission to America to try and speak with these humans regarding all the world’s terrible disasters. He hoped he would be the one to save the world!


He set off from France but unfortunately he fell into the sea. Luckily he landed on a banana floating past. The banana was home to two hermit crabs, Oscar and Baby Sheila. He persuaded them to join his mission and so they set forth. While at sea they met Mr Slime, a giant African snail. Mr Slime had just escaped from all those French Chefs looking to add him to their menu…


Suddenly a huge wall of water lifted the banana up high into the air. They were all quite scared but the force of the water allowed them to sail straight over to Ireland where they landed in a tree. As they sorted themselves out they came across Lucy the leopard gecko who lived in the tree: Lucy said she would also love to join them in their quest.


An almighty gust of wind blew up, shook the tree and blew the banana with all of them aboard forward up into the air again. Just as they reached the coast the banana flew into a sticky web…where they came across Thelma the tarantula! Thelma luckily had just eaten her breakfast so they were all quite safe. She scuttled on board and off they all flew across the vast ocean and landed in New York.


Now there was a woman who lived in New York who owned Trevor the corn snake. His owner had left for work but had forgotten to close his cage. Trevor slithered along to the open window and plunged towards the ground. It was Trevor’s lucky day as, guess what, he landed on the banana as it sailed past, safe and sound. Fortunately Trevor had eaten that morning too.


Trevor joined up with his new-found friends and was able to direct them to a building where all the humans were meeting…William the cockroach then managed to get into the meeting just before it finished. He was able to talk to the humans and helped them solve all their problems!

The customers and staff had a wonderful opportunity to meet all these characters in the flesh which led to a very lively session in the children’s area. Not to be outdone some of the staff braved handling some of these small but scary creatures!

For more events and activities like this is Hammersmith and Fulham libraries, take a look at the Hammersmith and Fulham libraries website.


Ann Cooper



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