10 reasons to get married in Fulham Library

  1. We’re a completely new venue, so why not be the first couple to get married in Fulham Library? Be the trendsetters!fulham4
  2. Do something different: how many people do you know got married in a public library? But not just any library…
  3.  …It’s a unique opportunity to be married in a beautiful and historical Grade II listed building! Tie the knot in style.
  4.  Our spacious hall can accommodate up to 120 guests: plenty of room for your loved ones to watch you get hitched.fulham3
  5.  It’s available every day including weekends
  6.  We have very reasonable prices – which means you can free up your budget to spend on the finer things  (like the all-important dress!)index
  7.  Start a new family tradition: if your family have been born, lived and worked in Hammersmith and Fulham, getting married at Fulham Library must be the icing on the (wedding) cake – perhaps a tradition that the next generations can aspire to!
  8.  Unique photo opportunities against various backdrops, such as our beautiful Fine Art Collection corridor. Ideal for art lovers and bookworms alike.
  9. It’s local and has excellent transport links – no need to lay on coaches, we have buses, taxi and trains on our doorstep to transport you to your reception.
  10.  We have loads of books available to inspire you to create that lasting memory of your special day!


Richard Grant, Fulham Library

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