Hammersmith’s War Memorials: Mortlake Cemetery

During the time of the Second World War the present London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham was in fact two separate Boroughs.

The cemetery that most of us know as Mortlake Cemetery was originally opened in 1909 as Hammersmith New Cemetery (North Sheen Cemetery was known as Fulham New Cemetery).

On 18th April 1953 The Mayor of Hammersmith unveiled and dedicated a memorial, in Mortlake Cemetery, to the 488 civilians from the Borough who were killed by enemy action during the Second World War.

The memorial also marks the spot of a communal grave that contains the remains of 156 people.


LBHF Archives document Showing details of the unveiling and dedication

The actual memorial is very plain and simple. Behind the memorial is a stone plaque bearing the names of all the casualties buried in the communal grave.


Memorial with plaque behind


LBHF Archives document List of all the civilian casualties in the communal grave


Mortlake Cemetery also contains 109 Service burials. Some are buried in private plots which have the distinctive white headstones. The others are buried in a special service plot marked by the Commonwealth War Graves Memorial which is just to the left of the Civilian Memorial.



The curtain wall behind the memorial lists all 109 casualties plus the names of 77 Commonwealth servicemen cremated at the Crematorium.


The Commonwealth War Graves Memorial With the curtain wall behind


If you have relatives who might be commemorated on either memorial or maybe want to visit and pay your respects the following map will help you find the location.


Hammersmith’s War Memorials: west side of the cemetery in area C1

 You can find out more about Hammersmith and Fulham’s Local Studies and Archives collection here.

Peter Trott

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