Hot off the press: Newsbank

Have you heard of Newsbank? I would like to introduce this valuable online reference resource which is available (at no cost!) to Hammersmith & Fulham library members.


NewsBank (which can be accessed here from our page of online resources) is a vast searchable database of news worldwide from over 9000 local, regional, national and international sources, including print and online newspapers, blogs, newswires, periodicals, broadcast transcripts and videos. Search either by publication title or by using search terms (note that any results with the exception of videos do not contain illustrations as the text is displayed as a transcript of the original text and not a facsimile of the newspaper page).

An example of a subject search illustrates a local slant to national match reports of the England v Wales 2016 Six Nations rugby match:


What can you use Newsbank for?

  • Residing in London and missing news from your home town? Use NewsBank to catch up with events.
  • Planning to expand a business outside London either nationally or abroad? Use NewsBank to get a feel of the new location from the local and regional press.
  • Student gathering data for a dissertation? Use NewsBank to obtain background information and data by using selected search terms in NewsBank.
  • Researcher? Find useful links to current events: try NewsBank’s special reports on topics including the American Presidential election or the last June’s British EU membership referendum.

And a bonus feature: if you are using this resource on a continuous basis for a specific topic there is no need to repeatedly access NewsBank on the off-chance that new entries have been added to the database – simply select your relevant search terms and use these search terms to set up a NewsBank email alert facility for any future added entries.

Francis, Tri Borough Reference Service

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