Ben Aaronovitch at Hammersmith Library

Hammersmith Library was very lucky to host a visit from author Ben Aaronovitch, part of his tour to promote the latest novel featuring Peter Grant, “The Hanging Tree.”
For those of you unfamiliar with Ben’s books, the “Rivers of London” series has been described as “a unique blend of police procedural, supernatural mayhem and threads of fascinating hidden history woven through the very fabric of the plot” and “fast-moving, funny, full of warmth and features one of the greatest and most historically rich cites in the world: London.”

A very active supporter of public libraries, Ben is quite happy to give a talk for free (in return for coffee and cake).

Ben delivered a characteristically energetic Q & A session, to an audience of thirty people. He covered subjects such as story arcs, finding the right voices for his audio books; and how some characters who he brings to life for one scene then refuse to go away!

He also spoke about his adventures as a bookseller, including the practice of “Meerkatting” or in other words looking around expectantly for customers to help/pounce on (Ben does a very convincing Meerkat impression).

As a bonus Ben also treated us to an impromptu dance routine!
Thanks to Ben from all at Hammersmith Library for a most entertaining talk.

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3 Responses to Ben Aaronovitch at Hammersmith Library

  1. Francis Serjeant says:

    Very enjoyable and informative q and a session. Amongst the humour valuable information about the writing process.

  2. Claire Lachowicz says:

    I believe a new book is due this autumn. Will Ben Aaronovitch be invited again????

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