Chloe’s work experience at Fulham Library

During my work experience at Fulham Library I learnt many things, most of all that there’s much more to the library service then just scanning books and putting them on shelves.

Fulham Library

Fulham Library

You are called on to do a lot more, for example when a customers has trouble on a computer you must be on hand to help solve their problem and teach them how to do it for themselves next time it happens.

I was surprised by the different questions that was asked by customers because of all that goes on in your typical library, you need to be able to answer a range of questions on many topics, as I’ve said before. However, the library was different to what I expected; but in a good way,  by doing work experience here has really improved my self-confidence.  I’m not as scared as I used to be when talking to customers.

While on work experience tasks you are likely to do:

  • Strict ordering of books
  • Helping customers to find books
  • Helping customers solve issues on the computer
  • Participating in the under 5s session which involves singing nursery rhymes with other members of staff from the library
  • Re-label books
  • Maintaining the stock and moving items around, so they are best placed.
  • Releasing people’s prints and allocating computers
  • If your work experience falls around the middle of July then you may be lucky to help sign up children to the summer reading challenge
The summer reading challenge helps to encourage children to continue reading throughout the holiday. If they complete the challenge they get a medal!

In my time at the library I did all of the above. I found that strict ordering books it can be a lot more complicated, as you need to shift the books from shelf to shelf as you find you have to make room.

In the children’s books you tend to notice there’s series to the books and when you finally get them all together it looks really nice and you feel proud of your work. (As shown in the picture below).

Fulham Children's Library

Fulham Children’s Library

The staff at Fulham library are very lovely kind and helpful people to work with and I really enjoyed my work experience with them.

By Chloe,
Fulham Library volunteer

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2 Responses to Chloe’s work experience at Fulham Library

  1. Zena Naidu says:

    Hi Chloe, great of you to give an account of your work experience. It’s so true there is a range of requests and tasks that happen for staff at the library, it’s great that you were able to share and appreciate that. I hope your experience at the library proves useful in the future. Well done. 🙂
    Zena Senior Customer Service assistant at Shepherds Bush Library

  2. Mike Clarke says:

    This is a great blog post and I am glad Chloe had a good work experience at Fulham library.

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